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WYD-2015 Portable Field Operating Lamp
WYD2015 Emergency Operating Lamp could be used in areas where the power supply is not stable or lack electricity.It is mainly used to field operation lighting and emergency operation lighting.

WYD2015 Field Operating Lamp


WYD2015 is updated style based on WYD2000.It is light weight,easy to transport and stock,also could be widely used in the military,rescue organization,private clinic and the areas where the power supply is not stable or lack electricity.

It could be installed with an optional 2 Megapixel HD Digital camera system to realize video transmission.




☆ Low power consumption, high brightness: light energy consumption is not more than 25W.

Center illuminance greater than 80000Lx, adjustable in 20000~80000Lx, and adjustable focusing.

In-machine battery can be used continuously for 40 hours under 20000Lx illuminance.

Double circuit fault-proof design greatly improves the reliability.

Design of power supply for 88V~264V wide-range network facilitates its use in the rescue around the world.

Fast unfolding and folding operation: not more than 3 minutes.

The ultra thin lamp body is convenient for its installation and operation in surgical operating vehicle and surgical shelter; a video acquisition system can also be installed selectively at the center to facilitate telemedicine and information exchange.

High-strength special-purpose engineering plastic packaging box can provide effective protection for products.

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