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DY5895 ICU Bed with isolation system
Electrical Bed with mobile negative pressure patient Isolation system
Mobile negative pressure patient Isolation system

The appearance of new contagious  diseases whose characteristics are unclear is a challenge of  recent years.
In these circumstances, it can be  expected that a significant time can  elapse during which the contagion  process will be unclear and airborne  infection cannot be ruled-out –  creating a situation in which the  most severe precautions have to be  taken in cases where the disease  can have a devastating potential.

Patients with airborne transmitted  infections, who are in transfer,  endanger the unprotected medical  staff and the environment mainly  through the emission of droplet  grains - and contaminate the air  space all around. Such droplets  are created through coughing,sneezing, speech and any activities  which increase pressure in the diaphragm – active breath  ventilation, bronchoscopia and  tracheal or aerosol creating  inhalation such medication  administered through nebulizer. 

In such cases it may become  necessary to evacuate such patients  to a hospital in which there exists a system to isolate them, or to transfer them from an emergency  room or a hospital in which  isolation facilities do not exist to  one where these are available.

Where patients are kept in relatively  protected environments or in  negative pressure isolation rooms,  it becomes necessary to install the most severe safety and care  measures to prevent the outbreak  of disease - isolation from contact,  from droplets and from aerosols.

These protective measures include  personal protection of the aerosol  standard and environmental  protection – fixed / permanent or mobile systems for negative  pressure isolation.The mobile negative pressure mobile  isolation system is a safety  system which comes in addition  to personal protection systems.

The purpose of transferring  dangerously contagious patients  in negative pressure chambers  (as defined here – with the  potential or proven aerosolic  transmission) are as follows:

  • To reduce as far as possible  the incidence of nosocomial  infection of contagious  diseases, in cases where the  risk of secondary infection  is very high (the medical  staff in direct contact with  the infected patient)
  • To increase safety for the  staff and in this way permit  the continued operation of  the hospital, or alternatively permit the continued operation  of the emergency out-patient  service whilst guaranteeing the  minimal to highly improbable  contamination of the essential  patient transfer equipment
  • In cases of “suspected”  contagious patients -  to be able to make the maximum patient acceptance  even when it is necessary to  transfer the patient to another medical  institution or within  the institution
  • In cases of individual  patients with contagious  diseases - to make maximum  patient acceptance and  provide optimum conditions  for the epidemiologic  examination for contacts.
  • To reduce an uncontrolled  public reaction by maximum  isolation of the patient with the  dangerous infectious disease.
Pinxing’s latest electrically operated hospital  beds, designed to the most  advanced patient care  requirements and international  standards, and providing  dramatic improvements in  both patient comfort levels  and hospital staff efficiency.  Also available in manual,electrical drive configuration.
Main function:
Backrest Angle:0~78°;
Footrest Angle:0~33°
Trendelenburg Angle:  0°~12°
Reverse Trendelenburg Angle:  0°~12°
Fully electrically operated height adjustment,trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg,back-rest and knee-break.
External nurse control and patient control;
Lockable and detachable PP head and foot boards.It has unique design with crashproof bumps which effectively protect beds from  damage during the move;
Easily cleanable, lockable and upgrading side rails with inserted angle indicator for backrest adjustment and Trendelenburg positions;                    
PP mattress-support board is waterproof, rustproof and readily accessible for cleaning and maintaining which required no tools;   
Drainage bag hooks at both sides
IV pole sockets located at four corners
Protective plastic corner bumpers
360° swivel, central lockable castors.
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