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DY5895E 5-function Electrical ICU Bed
Using high quality motors.Electronic adjustments of backrest, footrest, height,Trendelenburg and Reverse

DY5895 Five Function Electrical Medical Bed 

Product Description:

Electronic Adjustment:

  1. Backrest Angle:                                 0° ~ 75°
  2. Footrest Angle:                                 0° ~ 35°
  3. Trendelenburg Angle:                      0° ~ 12°
  4. Reverse Trendelenburg Angle:       0° ~ 12°
  5. Height:                                     from 450 mm to 850 mm (+-3%)
                                                            from 550 mm to  950 mm(+-3%,with weighting scale system)
Physical characteristics:
  1. Bed Dimensions:                     2100×1000 mm(+-3%)
  2. Bed Weight:                             155KG~170KG(with weighting scale system)
  3. Max Load:                                400 KG
  4. Dynamic load:                         200KG

Specifications and Functions:
  1. Bed frame made of 30*60mm powdered coating cold rolled tube.
  2. High-quality motors electronic for adjustments of:  backrest, footrest, height, Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg;
  3. External wired nurse control and patient control.Remote control is optinal.
  4. Lockable and detachable PP head and foot boards with bumpers.
  5. It has unique design with crashproof bumps which effectively protect beds from damage during the move;
  6. Easily cleanable, lockable and upgrading side rails with inserted angle indicator for backrest adjustment and Trendelenburg positions.When lowered, the side rails height will be lower than the mattress.
  7. 4 section PP mattress-support board is waterproof, rustproof and readily accessible for cleaning and maintaining which required no tools.
  8. Drainage bag hooks at both sides
  9. Manual &Electrcal CPR button
  10. IV pole sockets located at four corners
  11. Protective plastic corner bumpers
  12. Four  360° swivel, central lockable castors. Castor diameter of 150mm.
  13. Standard lamination color of Head&foot board and siderail are light blue.
  14. Conformity:  CE 42/93/EEC, ISO 13485
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